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Elephants - tis the Season they are all hiding in here

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
BE1975BE1975Frame with Elephant Jali 83x93cm - cut iron work - suitable to use to frame a mirror or painting or print$95.004
DC1120DC1120Wall Elephant Single 17x17cm hand painted iron (less 15%)$7.906
DC138DC138Gypsy Style Elephant Box 23x14x10cm hand carved wood$19.902
LH03136LH03136Elephant Pike 120cm Mahwar Era antique$425.001
MK1315MK1315Candle 2-Elephant design Niger Style hand-wrought iron 14x33cm$19.957
PE12170LPE12170LElephant Iron 60cm ht$21.902
RA1750RA1750Elephant hand carved in polished timber 42x15cm (Less 15% end of line clearance)$16.958
RA1899RA1899Elephant Head Iron 33x32x39cm$28.5015
BI11051BI11051Elephant Trumpet 32x10x6cm$18.502
BI11052BI11052Elephant BigTrumpet 59x15x9cm$34.954
MK1624MK1624Candle Elephant T-Light 50x27x13cm nickle plated iron$12.9530
RL125RL125Candle Elephant T-Light Black iron finish 18x28x8cm$9.459
RL153RL153Elephant -Cone T-light paint emulsion on iron 24x9x11cm$5.9534
MK1748MK1748Elephant T-Light candle holder black iron finish 49x59cm$42.9512
MK1931MK1931Elephant Quirky Set of 2pc 15x15cm nickle plated iron$8.9513
BI12131BI12131Elephant Set of 2pc Campaign 52x20cm nickle plated iron$59.901
MA122MA122Elephant BrassTrim 10x12x6cm$6.7514
BT1202LBT1202LElephant large Candle 36x23cm.$22.005
BT1202SBT1202SElephant Pine small Candle 32x18cm$18.006
LH16317LH16317Sign Enamel Riquet Elephant 53x41cm - Old Leipzig "Cocoa & Chocolate School" C1910 extremely rare item 50x40cm - part of the bottom missing$385.001
MK11154MK11154Elephant T-Light Nickle plated iron 9x13x6cm$4.756
MK11194LMK11194LElephant Painted Wood Large 22x25x10cm$22.952

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