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This unique collection of Greek Byzantine image Icons have been reproduced in Athens in lithograph, Serio-graph on canvas and hand-painted on wood. Sterling Silver is used on some of the hand crafted pieces with 22kt gold trim.

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IT1F10120X17IT1F10120X17Icon Virgin of the Passion - Seriograph on canvas 20x17cm$72.903
IT1F10320X17IT1F10320X17Icon Virgin Glikofolousa Crete - Seriograph on canvas 20x17$72.906
IT1F11116X12IT1F11116X12Icon Virgin Glikofolousa Crete-Seriograph on canvas Close Up 16x12cm$44.507
IT1F11616X12IT1F11616X12Icon Seriograph on canvas Madonna Close Up 16x12cm$44.5010
IT1F19820X17IT1F19820X17Icon Gilt/Seriograph on canvas Blue Madonna 20x17cm$72.903
IT1S4095X7IT1S4095X7Icon Baptism 5x7cm seriograph on canvas$12.951
IT1E1038X6IT1E1038X6Icon Virgin Glikofolousa Crete - Seriograph on canvas 8x6cm$18.904
IT1ESC43136X29IT1ESC43136X29Icon Sterling silver Ochre Background/seriograph on canvas Trinity 36x29cm$395.001
IT1S16919X15IT1S16919X15Icon Virgin of the Roses Seriograph on canvas 19x15cm$55.502
IT1E4148X6IT1E4148X6Icon Nativity Seriograph on canvas 8x6cm in olive wood frame$18.902
IT1E6308X6IT1E6308X6Icon St.Paul Seriograph on canvas 8x6cm$18.902
IT1S62613X10IT1S62613X10Icon St.Paul Seriograph on canvas 13x10cm$28.905
IT101DIT101DIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Desert Flower 40gm$2.9530
IT101GIT101GIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Gardine 40gm$2.9521
IT101LIT101LIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Lily 40gm$2.9531
IT101MIT101MIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Magnolia 40gm$2.9523
IT101MYIT101MYIncence - Monastry 8x6cm Pkt Myro 40gm$2.9523
IT101NIT101NIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Night Rose 40gm$2.9516
IT101RIT101RIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Rose 40gm$2.9523
IT101YIT101YIncence - Monastery 8x6cm Pkt Yasmin 40gm$2.9520
IT1C13820X16IT1C13820X16Icon Virgin Glyko St.Silver Gold 22k plated 20x16cm$95.003
IT1C16913X10IT1C16913X10Icon Virgin of the Roses St.Silver surround with seriographed image on canvas 13x10cm$49.001

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