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Catalogue > Vintage Glass flutes for lamps and lanterns

an assortment of old vintage glass candle flutes in various sizes

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
GS001GS001Glass Light Shade Frosted Glass with gold trim 10cm$20.0028
LH1110ALH1110ALight Shade Vintage 8x15cm$69.501
LH1110BLH1110BLight Shade Vintage 8x15cm.$69.501
LH1110CLH1110CLight Shade Vintage 10x15cm$69.501
LH1110DLH1110DLight Shade Vintage 14X10cm.$69.501
LH1110ELH1110ELight Shade Vintage 12x15cm. Clear$69.502
LH1110GLH1110GLight Shade Vintage 10X16cm.$69.501
LH1110HLH1110HLight Shade Vintage 10X18cm.$69.501
LH1110ILH1110ILight Shade Vintage 14X14cm.$69.501
LH1110JLH1110JLight Shade Vintage 14X14cm$69.501
LH1110LLH1110LLight Shade Vintage 9X10cm.$8.004
LH1110MLH1110MLight Shade Vintage 11X10cm.$69.501
LH1110NLH1110NLight Shade Vintage 14X10cm$69.501
LH1110OLH1110OLight Shade Vintage 23X17cm. Brass ring and glass$25.002
LH1110PLH1110PLight Wall Shade Vintage 30x15cm with brass base$18.006
LH1110QLH1110QLight Shade Vintage 20X7cm$69.503
AP1501AP1501Glass Aladin Flute 14x10cm/65m at base fit$9.505
AP1502AP1502Glass Chimney Flute 20x11cm,40mm at base fit$12.004
AP1504AP1504Glass Cylinder Shade 11x10cm$6.504
AP1505AP1505Cylinder Candle Shade 10x7cm$5.003
AP1506AP1506Glass Flute Shade 13x6cm/35mm at base$6.003
AP1507AP1507GlassFlute Round 15x14/10mm at base$10.001

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