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This Collection has been sourced from a variety of countries. All objects are hand crafted and so they become quite unique as a gift for that special person. We specialise in unusual items with a Wow factor that is not easy to source. Many of the items are exclusively designed by April or Rod and are exclusive to Trekka!

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
DC1141LDC1141LHorse Iron-wood Large 37x41x7cm$29.002
DC1141SDC1141SHorse Iron-wood Small 12x12cm$19.003
SC11254BSC11254BStand Iron With blue bucket 50cm ht$14.503
BE121ABE121ABox Cube Salmon 10x10x10cm with brass clip$5.9546
AP1519AP1519Cheese Board No3 white and blue emulsion 30x40cm - handwash only - not recommended for dishwasher use$24.503
MK1760SMK1760SFrog Wood and iron and whitemetal 9x10x13cm$9.501
AP1727AP1727Bicycle Air Pump Indian Heavy Duty solid iron 63cm ht x 20cm handle$20.004
AP1521AP1521Cheeseboard Paris 47x17cm-hand wash only$24.503
BE11248BBE11248BPussy Planter Noir 40x20x10cm$29.001
ASE68ASE6825 Sheet Writing Pad & 12 Envelopes handmade paper$9.7538
BE1101BE1101Paper Mache -Fler'dLee Antq/fin 33cm dia$5.001
BE1116BE1116Frame Spring Chicken 45x15cm hand painted - able to be used for a art work print or mirror$29.009
BE1120BE1120Box 6Drawer Vintage 31x10x10cm hand painted distressed finish$24.957
BE1121BE1121Box 3Drawer Vintage 14x14x13cm hand painted in distressed finish$17.9529
BE1123BE1123Pen Holder Vintage 10x7x9cm hand painted distressed finish$6.9518
BE1124BE1124Frame Vintage 22x17cm hand painted distressed surface$16.9522
BE1975BE1975Frame with Elephant Jali 83x93cm - cut iron work - suitable to use to frame a mirror or painting or print$95.004
BI1511LBI1511LBox Square shape with Crackle paint finish 24x29x29cm$39.008
BI1575BI1575Medieval Winebox Vertical distressed finish 40x11cm$22.909
BI1655BI1655Moroc-style Candle Lamp Pentagon shape 13x31cm$13.9541
BI1691BI1691Desk In-tray brass embossed 38x26x7cm$15.003
BI1862BI1862Bookstand Iron 18x36x23cm or recipe book stand$18.505

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