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A new Collection featuring 26 Prints and a Catalogue. The prints are on a high quality photographic paper. The Theme of images reflects the tranquil ambience of Mediterranean Life in solid colour that will compliment most Décor solutions. You can buy the prints separately or take the lot at the discounted rate. Framing - the prints lend themselves to anything from painterly shabby chic, to hard edge aluminium - they respond to all interior décor proposals …

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
FRSFRSPrint Aegean Voyage Suite 27pc Set$120.0010
FR101FR101Print Flying Dolphin 70x50cm.$5.50697
FR103FR103Print The Red Bicycle 70x50cm$5.50780
FR119FR119Print Aegean Urn Rhodos 70x50cm$5.50249
FR122FR122Print Santorini Courtyard 70x50cm$5.5095
FR166FR166Print Santorini Villa 70x50cm$5.50156
FR20FR20Print Rhodos Steps 70x50cm$5.50666
FR21FR21Print Samos Interior 70x50cm$5.50810
FR22FR22Print Chios Interior 70x50cm$5.50849
FR23FR23Print Chios Taverna 50x70cm$5.50764
FR26FR26Print Paros Villa 70x50cm$5.50603
FR27FR27Print Paros Geraniums 70x50cm$5.50677
FR28FR28Print Samios Doorway 70x50cm$5.50612
FR29FR29Print Samios Window 70x50cm$5.50705
FR30FR30Print Galaxidi Villas 50x70cm$5.50772
FR31FR31Print Santorini Gateway 50x70cm$5.50250
FR34FR34Print Rhodos Geraniums 70x50cm$5.50379
FR41FR41Print Mitiline Flowers 70x50cm$5.50407
FR53FR53Print Paros House 70x50cm$5.50418
FR66FR66Print Mitiline Doorway 70x50cm$5.50498
FR68FR68Print Rhodos Village 70x50cm$5.50326
FRCFRCPrint Aegean Voyage Catalogue - complete Catalogue with photos$1.00727

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Aegean Prints
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