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Chicken is on the menu for this month's New ear 2017 Garden Art extravaganza.

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
BE1808BE1808Candle Chook 2Cup 26x25cm painted iron$10.9534
BT1168BT1168Rooster Brass Wings 33x18x41cm$15.902
DC1118DC1118Wall Rooster Single 17x17cm hand painted iron (less 25%-these have minor rust and scratch marks)$7.9010
DC1119DC1119Wall Rooster Double 32x17cm hand painted iron (less 25%-these have minor rust spots and scratches))$15.9031
DC1191DC1191Hen and 2Chicks Set of 3pieces 33x24x26cm hand painted iron$36.503
MK1225RMK1225RRoosterTibet-style 13x17cm Iron and Wood$6.5024
RA1607RA1607Rooster Hen and Chicks 50x40cm nickle plated iron$59.9011
RA1652LRA1652LRooster on pole 17x60cm painted wood$19.905
RA1652MRA1652MRooster on pole 16x43cm smaller size painted wood$17.901
RA1666HRA1666HHen 3Hook wall plaque Painted Wood 29x28cm$14.004
SC11228SC11228Rooster Iron Painted 90x75cm$44.9031
SC11232SC11232Scrub Turkey Painted iron 25x60cm$22.0024
RA1662RA1662Hen Large Painted iron 47x15x60cm$49.001
BI12019BI12019Candle Rooster1Cup 40x20x12.5cm nickle plated iron$19.9520
RL145RRL145RChook T-light Nickle plated iron 22x29x9cm$15.5016
MK1933MK1933Roosters Set of 2pc 28x29cm embossed whitemetal over wood$18.957
RL1217RRL1217RRooster 27x20xx8cm whitewashed iron$11.9522
RL1258RL1258Chicken Moneybox BIG 31x38cm iron$19.9514
BT1208BT1208Rooster Hen and Chick Set of 3pc Nickle plated iron 30x20x6cm$39.9512
MK11021MK11021Chooks Set of 2pc Painted Wood 45x25cm$27.957
DC1118WDC1118WWall Rooster Single 17x17cm iron and paint$7.901
BE11971BE11971Chicken Old paint Clucker 37x10x6cm hand carved wood with distressed paint$16.9523

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