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Do we have a Camel for you. Each are hand made. Each have great character (and a smile) give your Valentine a Camel

PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
DC1146DC1146Bi-plane Barnstormer 54x18x32cm hand painted wood$39.503
DC127DC127Ghan Squarebox 10x10x6cm hand painted in earthy colour$8.9531
DC128DC128Ghan Rectangular Box 18x9x9cm hand painted in earthy colour$12.9510
DC130DC130Ghan Pencil box 20x5x6cm hand painted in earthy colour$9.9541
MK1225CMK1225CCamel Tibet-style Wood and Iron 13x15cm$6.504
RA1463CRA1463CCamel Card Holder Iron 22cm iron and brass$19.5012
RA1784RA1784Candle Camel Wood and Iron 25x16x31cm T-light$19.5019
RA1790CRA1790CCandle Camel 11x10cm Iron$4.953
SC11223SC11223Camels-4 Palms Painted iron 35x35x18cm$39.002
SC1896SC1896Camel Ghan Painted Iron 55X56cm$39.002
BT1203LBT1203LCamel Ghan Pine Large 41X20cm.$22.008
BT1203SBT1203SCamel Ghan Pine Small 33x16cm$18.008
BT1218LBT1218LCamel Iron and Wood Large 41X20cm$21.9516
BT1218SBT1218SCamel Iron and Wood 33x16cm - hand made and quirky$18.5016

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