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Seach out and Comb this site for things of value, interest or utility … for discerning Customers looking for various curiosities that are either decorative or useful in some way. Good accent décor ideas for that beach house- fisherman's den or seafood restaurant

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
BE11062BE11062Plaque Greek Ship hand painted on wood frame 49x61cm$49.907
BE1786BE1786Trivit Square 22x22x3cm hand wrought iron - brass balls$16.9010
BI1158BI1158Sailor Box Round edge Mesh and Brass trim 10x13x8cm$7.951
BI1159BI1159Sailor Box Pencil Holder wood with Mesh Round 10x8cm$6.9514
BI1663BI1663Sailor Wall Box 19x13x54cm Seamans box for storing taper candles$39.502
RA134RA134Driftwood Box Square with lid 10x10cm - just washed in$8.0069
RA135RA135Driftwood Box Square with lid (large)10x16x16cm - just washed in$10.0076
RA136RA136Driftwood Box Rectangular shape with Iron Clasp 18x12x6cm - just washed in$9.0021
RA140RA140Driftwood Box Rect with lid 26x13x8cm$10.0086
RA151RA151Box Driftwood Rectangular with iron Studs and clip 22x12x15cm$10.0052
RA1565RA1565Fish Taper Candle 19x4x16cm - Nemo's cousin$4.5041
RA1859RA1859Fish Beachcomber Set of 3pieces 21-17-14cm height respectively - in carved wood and white metal$24.956
UA15FFUA15FFCandle Fish Seaside Floaters 3x4cm pack of two - assorted colours$3.0014
BI1906BI1906Fish in seaweed Box Set of 2pieces 26x20x15cm embossed paint$39.951
MK1421MK1421Fish with Suntan 36x6x23cm embossed emulsion on iron$15.9010
BI11055BI11055Dolphin Five Nickle plated 28x31x9cm$27.9021
RL112RL112Fish along the Beach - Set of 3piece Carved wood and Iron 27x26x9cm - largest size$15.959
SC01939ASC01939APort Hole Brass 44cm dia - antique genuine old piece - very heavy$675.001
RL1206RL1206RowBoat Painted Iron 5x34x12cm$6.9515
BI12103BI12103Fish with Bling! 20x18x5cm embossed paint and wood$12.9517
RL1257RL1257Fish - big Splash! 27x40x6cm - embossed iron$14.9519
LH05888BLH05888BBinacle Brass 22x25x20cm - genuine old piece$225.001

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