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Everything is solid handmade product - all done in India. There is no tinny product here - its all good value stock, robust and interesting. Light me up!

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BE11095BE11095Candle Swirl Glass 1Cup 13x27 cm$13.901
BE11096BE11096Candle Swirl Glass 2Cup 16x44cm$18.909
BE111194BE111194Candle Retro design Small 9x9x16cm wood and iron cup$9.953
BE111195BE111195Candle Retro design Large 9x9x19cm wood and iron cup$11.957
BE1808BE1808Candle Chook 2Cup 26x25cm painted iron$10.9534
BE1885BE1885Candle Basket 4Cup 30x21cm$29.951
BE1979BE1979Candle 2Cup Leaf-design 36x30cm iron and carved wood$11.9021
BI1441BI1441Candle Turkey 16x15x8cm iron$12.504
BI1830LBI1830LCandle Large 45cm embossed paint on wood$19.506
BT1148BT1148Pig Candle Raffles 22x5x15cm nickle plated iron$11.5024
BT160PBT160PCandle Pig Iron Blue 15x16cm$9.001
DC1128DC1128Reindeer 3Cup Candle Holder 19X13X35cm$11.9027
DC1131LDC1131LSleigh Candle 22x11x19cm hand bead work$15.9067
LC11LC11Candle Apple Yellow 9x9cm hand made$7.9541
LC13LC13Candle Pear 8x11cm$7.9522
LC14LC14Candle Orange 9x9cm$7.9513
LC15LC15Candle Lemon 9.5x8cm$7.9550
LC16LC16Candle Corn Cob 5x20cm$7.9535
LC17SLC17SCandle Bamboo Small 7.5x14.5cm$7.9522
MK1315MK1315Candle 2-Elephant design Niger Style hand-wrought iron 14x33cm$19.957
MK1355MK1355Candle 3Cup Teak-Bone tile inlay 29x10cm$19.9528
MK1359MK1359Candle 2Cup Blue Tile inlay 22x9cm$24.9527

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