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Hand made corner brackets, nails, knobs and handles in ceramic, brass and iron. Just the accessories to recreate that original Colonial feel.

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
AP1705AP1705Clasp Iron Handforged 20cm$9.003
AP1703AP1703Harsp Clip Iron 8cm$6.005
AP1709AP1709Hook Iron Handforged 15cm$4.001
AP1702AP1702Chain heavy link clasp 33cm$8.0021
AP1704AP1704Cotter Pin Handforged 8cm$3.0078
AP1714AP1714Knob Teak 6x6x8cm shaft$3.0036
BE1299BE1299Handle Ganni-Drop iron black 60mm$1.809
AP181AAP181ABadge Trekka Collectable 2x4cm brass$7.0075
AP1801AP1801Knob White Porcelain 30mm$2.0012
AP1802AP1802Knob Brass with turned foot 15mm$1.502
AP1803AP1803Knob Brass Round 12 mm$1.0050
LH11014ALH11014AKnob Wood distressed 45mm$4.9512
PE139PE139Knob bone 40mm$4.751
SR1651SR1651Knob Iron 25mm$3.501
BE0300F1BE0300F1Handle Ganni Iron Round 65x35mm$2.2011
BE0300F2BE0300F2HandleGani-Forged Iron SQ.65cm$2.202
BE0411BE0411Handle Brass Swing.35mm $2.255
BI064BI064Hinge Iron Swannneck 140mm$4.5016
BI065BI065Hinge BRASS Lge Fancy 150x95mm$5.5064
BI076BI076Hinge Brass Swann Neck 12x8cm$6.5049
SC1888SSC1888STap Brass Small 4x3cm - not suitable for mins pressure$5.00143
BE0410BE0410Brass Swing Handle 40mm$2.7019

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