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We offer handmade specialty Hearts candle holders, décor and gifts in boxes, hanging dingly dangles, bells and novelty shapes. All are hand made.

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
RA1264RA1264Bowl Amber 24x24x6cm R1$14.503
MK11031AMK11031ANapkin Heart Set of 8 Nickle Plated 8x6x10cm$18.906
MK11032BMK11032BNapkin Bogan Blue Moon Moth Set6 Nickle Plated 8x6x10cm$13.956
SC11509SC11509Cock-a-doodle 56x18x13cm painted iron$39.501
RA1662RA1662Hen Large Painted iron 47x15x60cm$49.001
BI12065BI12065Carry-box Heart 41x52x16cm emulsion on wood$37.954
BI12088BI12088Box 2 lifting lids Heart 12x40x21cm emulsion on wood$29.003
BI12141BI12141Box Rectangular Sultan Jewel 8x20x15cm$24.9514
BI12142BI12142Box Large Sultan Jewel 8x25x17cm$35.9516
BI12211BI12211Christmas Tree Flower Set 10pcs 7x8cm wood-embossed paint$16.0018
MK11075MK11075Heart 3 Nickle plated iron Bells 75x7cm$9.4519
MK11083MK11083Heart T-Light Red 8x5x9cm$4.5071
BI12166LBI12166LTray Hearts wood with white emulsion finish 10x43x52cm$25.908
BI12166MBI12166MTray Hearts wood with white emulsion finish 10X35X42cm$22.909
BI12166SBI12166STray Hearts wood with white emulsion finish 10x25X26cm.$20.909
MK11075RMK11075RHeart 3 RED Painted Iron Bells 75x7cm$9.453
MK11076RMK11076RHeart 2 RED Painted Iron Bells 51x7cm$7.4590
MK11077RMK11077RHeart 1 RED Painted Iron Bell 34x7cm$4.95173
MK11119MK11119Box Hexagon shape Red embossed work .6x12x8.5cm$5.9516
MK11120MK11120Box Rectangular Red embossed work 6x9.5x6.5cm$4.9513
MK11121MK11121Box Round shape Red embossed work 5x9x9cm$4.9530
MK11138LMK11138LFrame Picture White metal embossed finish 21x16cm$9.958

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