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Old doors and columns for that special fit out

PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
PE02062DPE02062DDoor Kerela Teak 172x73cm$595.001
LH02354LH02354Door 6 Panel painted Flower motif 237x124cm Teakwood$1,150.001
LH02512LH02512Window Shutters French-Pondicherri Colonial plantation-style 59x168cm$495.001
LH02544LH02544Door painted-Flower motif French Pondicherri Colonial style 110x216cm Teakwood$1,490.001
LH02545LH02545Door Painted Flower motif French-Pondicherri Colonial style 110x216cm Teakwood$1,490.001
LH02565ALH02565ACornice C'vdTeak 320cm apx.$475.001
PE02218PE02218Shutter Painted 80x127 old Marwar design$675.001
SC01573SC01573Column PAIR Square Shaft stone Base 281x32x32cm$3,695.001
SC0548SC0548Column Single 350cm ht Solid Teak shaft - this originally supported a Mughal octagan annex as the centre support - the shaft is solid teak wood$4,950.001
PE02184APE02184ADoor Calcutta 120X250cm Teakwood$1,390.001
BI11073BI11073Birdhouse with mounting Stake Macon-style 134x22cm$29.001
PE03255PE03255Door French Style 270X122cm Teakwood$1,590.001
PE02062CPE02062CDoor Kerela Teak 172x87cm - heavy solid old door with brass trim$595.001
SC02176SC02176Ceiling Panel Flower 170x20cm - handpainted ceiling strips fromn Gujarat Marwar Era$169.002
SC12216CSC12216CKing Post Old paint patina on stand 110x13x13cm.$112.001
SC12216DSC12216DKing Post old paint patina on stand 110x13x13cm.$112.001
SC12216ESC12216EKing Post old paint patina on a stand 110x13x13cm$112.001
SC12216KSC12216KKing Post Old paint patina on a stand 110x13x13cm$112.001
AP101AP101Fireplace Old paint patina recycled wood - original old Cast-iron fire pit 130x100x80cm - on castor wheels for easy movement - ideal shop display piece for Christmas or fire tool accessories.$955.001
LH02354ALH02354ADoor 6 Panel Flower 237x124cm teakwood$1,150.001

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