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This collection, sourced in the south of France and in Alsace-Lorraine, Greece and Turkey offers a mix of new décor homewares along with genuine antique pieces and Provencial artifacts.

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
LH05584BLH05584BInkwell quill brass 15x32x6cm$85.001
AP1724AP1724Tin Box Set - vintage containers assorted - 3 pieces - 16cm dia box 16cm ht Toffee Box and 10cm Tea box$11.901
AP1910AP1910Coal Shovel Iron 50cm$25.001
AM0437AM0437Kettle Copper 26X24cm.Antique Turkish$39.505
AP1992AP1992Fruit Basket Cane Hanging 120cm$40.001
AP1911AP1911Electrometer PH Mod B 33x25x26$395.001
BE1615ABE1615ALamp-base Stars - Brass 6 Glass-Flowers 73x25cm ** Not electrified but able to be Electrified by your electrician$275.004
BE1615BBE1615BLamp-base Brass with 6 Glass-Flowers 75x25cm *Not electrified but able to be Electrified by your electrician$275.0010
BI1115BI1115Frame Hand-painted 51x62cm$29.001
BI1489BI1489Finial Regency Period style brass over wood core 20x20x90cm$89.001
CI0239CI0239Hanger 4Hook carved teakwood 49x50cm - old butchers carcass hanger … make a good candelabra$90.001
CI0255CI0255Bow-Moghul Painted-lacquer finish 117cm rare ceremonial pieces$895.001
LH01924LH01924Peacock Goddess 37x30cm handcarved teakwood - old piece$395.001
LH02343LH02343Temple Screen with central Door 226x277cm Teakwood with iron bars$2,750.001
LH02354LH02354Door 6 Panel painted Flower motif 237x124cm Teakwood$1,150.001
LH02512LH02512Window Shutters French-Pondicherri Colonial plantation-style 59x168cm$495.001
LH02544LH02544Door painted-Flower motif French Pondicherri Colonial style 110x216cm Teakwood$1,490.001
LH02545LH02545Door Painted Flower motif French-Pondicherri Colonial style 110x216cm Teakwood$1,490.001
LH02565ALH02565ACornice C'vdTeak 320cm apx.$475.001
LH02991LH02991Shield Leather with Brass décor 51x51cm antique Mahwar piece$895.001
LH12979LH12979Old 1950's Drink Tray Coke 33x33 apx$39.001
MC138MC138Relief "Periklis" 26x30cm$35.002

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