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Our collection of hand crafted Jewellery offers an eclectic mix of silver, silver gilt, bronze and Costume - some with semi precious stones. The sourcing ranges from Meso America, Athens, Egypt and India.

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PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
APM32APM32Earing hand painted paper mache assorted designs$6.5015
DR16661BDR16661BBrooch Baule Mask Bronze 6x4cm The Baule Culture of the African Ivory Coast developed a distinctive range of decorative artifacts. Worn as a hair pin ornament or as a pendant, the mask reproduction was produced by the lost wax method of casting.$36.004
DR16661SDR16661SBrooch Baule Mask Sterlling Silver 6x4cm. The Baule Culture of the African Ivory Coast developed a distinctive range of decorative artefacts. Possibly worn as a hair pin or pendant, this reproduction mask was produced by the lost wax method of casting.$69.002
DR16662BDR16662BEarring Persian Lion Roundel Bronze 3.5cm. The rapid rise of the Persian Empire 538BC to 311 BC created an empire that stretched from the Danube to ancient Egypt. The stylised outlines of the muscle contours and head is a typical Persian motif.$26.001
DR16672BDR16672BEarrings set Persian Lion Bronze per 2cm. The decorative treatment of the mane in this strongly delineated reproduction piece is a typical Persian motif symbolising majesty and courage.$18.001
DR16672SDR16672SEarrings set PersianLion Sterling Silver 2cm$24.003
APE13APE13Ring Egypt F.Scarab Sterling Silver$15.004
APG111APG111Pendant Dolphin Sterling Silver 2.5cm$22.001
APG12AAPG12APendant Greek Coin 14ct Gold and Sterling Silver 1.5cm$50.001
APG14APG14Ring Byzan Stones Gilt finish Sterling Silver$54.004
APG16CAPG16CEarrings Dolphin Sterling Silver 2cm$18.004
AP1203AP1203Earrings Coral Sterling Silver 6cm$11.001
APG112APG112Earrings Lion Sterling Silver 2cm$18.003
APG114APG114Earrings Ram Fine Sterling Silver2cm$18.001
APG115APG115Earrings Ram Sterling Silver2cm$18.002
APG116APG116Pendant Cherub Sterling Silver 2cm$13.002
APG117APG117Necklace Semi-precious Stone Lion Sterling Silver$95.001
APN03APN03Coin Antique Laddak 4cm Bronze$16.004
AP1202AP1202Necklace Agate Pink Sterling Silver$24.001
AP1213AP1213Earrings Diamond shape Silver 12cm.$8.002
AP1214AP1214Earrings Beads Silver 15cm$7.001
APE14APE14Necklace Egyptian Ceramic 52cm Silver$36.001

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