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Of course and these horses are all hand made using recycled materials - unique to Trekka and they cost nothing to feed!

PhotoItem CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
DC1141LDC1141LHorse Iron-wood Large 37x41x7cm$29.002
DC1141SDC1141SHorse Iron-wood Small 12x12cm$19.003
DC1141DC1141HorseTrojan Style Set of 3pcs 37x41x7cm wood and iron$49.901
DC133DC133Horse Beadside 26x13x6cm hand wrought iron and bead work$23.9018
DC137DC137Gypsy Style Horse Spicebox 28x22x8cm hand carved wood$19.9017
DC145DC145Horse Meshiron 25x23cm$19.9023
SC0105SC0105Horse-Temple on Wheels "MAHRASTA" painted wood - Antique$1,295.001
SC1258SC1258Painting Horseman 84x45cm (Less 15%-end of line clearance)$59.008
BE1161BE1161Paper Mache platter - Red-horse 5x35dia$6.0011
RL145HRL145HHorse T-Light Nickle Plated iron 20x24x9cm$15.5015
MK1820MK1820Horse Copper plated iron - Cuivre 40x15x6cm$11.954
RL1217HRL1217HHorse 31x18x8cm whitewashed iron$11.9527
SC12153SC12153Horse Painted Iron 41x51x14cm$26.9012
MK11122MK11122Horse Embossed work Red 34x22x7cm$10.9025
MK11150MK11150Horse Prancer Nickle plated iron 41x37x11cm$29.506

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