Trekka  celebrates 32 years of Trading in 2019

GHAN SHOPPING at TREKKA - give me a kiss!!!

BI1670 Camel Ghan - embossed brass over wood and iron 55x14x70cm

SC11223 Camels in Palms
painted iron 35x35x12cm

RA1784  Camel T-Light
iron and wood

BT1218S Camel Iron
and wood 33x16cm

BT1203L Camel Ghan -
pine wood and iron

DC1146 Sopwith Camel
on stand 54x18x32cm

RA1463C Herd of Camels
Letter rack holder
Iron and brass 22cm

SC1896 Camel Ghan Painted
Iron 55x56cm

DC127 Ghan square
box 10x10x6cm

DC129 Ghan Octagon box

DC130 Ghan Rectangle box

DC130 Ghan Pencil box

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