Trekka  celebrates 32 years of Trading in 2019

Beachcombing at TREKKA in 2019

Seach out and Comb this page for things of value, interest or utility. For discerning Customers looking for various curiosities that are either decorative or useful in some way. Login to our Catalogue to see all four pages of Beachconmbing themed giftware items ...

BI162261 Nemo Reef Fish in Red Yellow and Orange (painted wood)

BI12251 Great White Shark
complete with hanging chain
38x94cm painted carved   wood

BT1204 Pelican - Sun bleach
white finish on iron - this
one comes in 2 sizes

SC01939 Porthole 44cm dia
antique piece - very heavy
brass. We have 2 available

RL112 $15.95+gst Fish Set of 3 Pieces
wood and iron

BT1205 Big Reef Fish
37x34cm in sun bleach
white finish on iron

BT1206 Star Fish 47x30cm
in sun bleach white on iron

RL1320 Seagulls pair
30cm ht set of 2 pieces
painted wood

RA134 Driftwood Box with lid

RL1257 Fish Big Splash!
black iron 27x40cm

RA136 Drfitwood Box with lid
and clasp 18x12x6cm

BI12227 Number One Box
with drawer 12x10x10cm

BI12236 Sun Drawer Box 12x32x10cm

BT1207 Reef Fish
Nickle plated Iron comes in 3 sizes
26-23-16cm length

MK11163 Fish Wall Plaque
nickle plated iron 50x42cm

BI1906 Fish in Seaweed Box set of two
Embossed paint on wood 26x20x15cm


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