Trekka  celebrates 32 years of Trading in 2019

ICONS at TREKKA in 2019

This unique collection of Greek Byzantine image Icons have been reproduced in Athens in lithograph, Serio-graph on canvas and hand-painted on wood. Sterling Silver is used on some of the hand crafted pieces with 22kt gold trim. Login to our Catalogue to see all four pages of  Greek Icons pieces  ...

IT1C13820X16 Icon Virgin Glyko 20x16c Sterling Silver and 22kt gold plate

IT1C16933X26 Icon Virgin of the Roses
Sterling Silver and 22kt GoldPlate
Size 33x26cm Seriograph

IT1C41413X10 Icon Nativity
Sterling Silver Seriograph
Size 13x10cm

IT1C41920X16 Icon Tree of Life
Sterling Silver and Gold 22kt Plated
Seriograph 20x16cm

IT1ES12935X13 Icon Virgin
Seriograph 35x13cm

IT1F11616X12 Icon Vlad Madonna
Seriograpg 16x12cm

IT1038X6 Icon Glikofolousa
Seriograph 8x6cm

IT1E10834X14 Icon Virgin and Saints
Seriograph 34x14cm

IT1412L5X6 Icon Last Supper
Lithograph 5x6cm

IT1S1205X6 Icon Kykkou
Lithograph 5x6cm

IT1S1035X6 Icon Red Madonna
Lithograph 5x6cm

IT1E1988X6 Icon Blue Madonna
Seriograph 8x6cm


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