Trekka  celebrates 32 years of Trading in 2019...

Free Range Chickens at TREKKA in 2019


SC11232 $22+GST  Rooster Range runner
Iron Painted  25x60cm

BT1208 $39.95+GST Big Rooster Hen and chick Pack
set of 3 pieces in nickle plate 30x20cm

RL145R $15.50+GST Chicken with a T-Light
Nickle Plated iron 22x29cm

RL1258 $19.95+GST Chicken with Money
lock up moneybox in iron 31x38cm

MK11021 $27.95+GST Fancy Spotty Chickens set
of two pieces painted wood

RA1666H - $14+gst Hen Wall Pot Holder Holder
painted wood

SC11228 $44.90+GST Big Rooster
90x75cm painted iron
IT1412L5X6 Icon Last Supper
Lithograph 5x6cm

RA1607 $59.90+GST Rooster Hen and chicks
nickle plated 50x40cm

BE11971 $16.95 +GST Shabby Chicken
painted wood 37x10cm



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