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Visit Trekka Imports - it really is like an Aladdin's Cave!

The Financial Year End is coming up fast and it is getting colder in Brisbane ... it looks like it will be a cold Winter. We look forward to the start of the 2017 Trade Fair Season Cycle in July... Trekka no longer exhibits at Tradefairs but we do offer great Stock online. Check out the New Arrivals section in the catalogue - especially new " hardware" lines.

new stock

NEWS FLASH! You can now shop directly online at our Trekka Ebay Store - click On the bannner link and get Free Delivery anywhere in Australia!!! We have a VACANCY for a South Australi and Victorian and Tasmania Area Agency - Phone Mark Hicky 07 38623544 for details.New Red Boxes

Antiquity - oil lamp 10cm

NEWS FLASH! Trekka has lots of fantastic hand made Giftware boxes, candle holders,lanterns, jewellery, wall hooks, prints.. find some of these pieces at our Trekka Ebay Store - click the link icon and have them sent POSTAGE FREE to your door.).

Trekka has Agents located in each State and of course Capulet (Anne) in New Zealand. You can find their contact details in the CONTACT US link on the Index page. They have the latest Catalogues.

Click on the banner photos on this site and follow the links

heavy forged iron


If you are visiting Brisbane, our main Showroom is a must to see. Our Trading Hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.35pm.

Trekka Showroom    Trekka Brisbane Showroom

Trekka Showroom    Trekka Showroom


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